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Measles caution during AIMS Games

We can’t wait to host young athletes from around the country next week for AIMS Games!

With the measles outbreak affecting parts of the country, we urge everyone using our facilities to be extra vigilant. Schools attending the AIMS Games have been advised to request proof of vaccination for students taking part and AIMS Games organisers are working closely with Toi Te Ora Public Health to minimise the risk.

Our facilities first aid kits have been well stocked and staff are aware of the health & safety procedure to follow if anyone presents with measles symptoms.

If you or a family member suspect you have measles you should stay at home and call Healthline on 0800 611 116 or call your doctor to alert them of your symptoms. If you have measles it is important to avoid spreading it to others in the waiting room.

An adult who has been vaccinated is immune and has less than 1% chance of getting infected. An immune person cannot transmit measles to others. People aged 50 years and over are considered immune as measles used to be very common, so won't need the measles immunisations.

At this stage the Ministry of Health does not recommend event organisers cancel events such as AIMS Games. AIMS Games organisers are being advised by the health department and communication has been going out to the AIMS Games schools since July.

To ensure the safety of all Bay Venues Ltd staff; communication has been provided in advance of AIMS Games and venue staff have been informed of the H&S procedure to follow if they suspect someone of having measles.

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