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Important Notice - May 2018


Published May 18 2018
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Published May 16 2018
We wish to advise that we have identified an issue with our bore at Baywave which requires further investigation.

The bore is currently switched off and it will need to remain so while we undertake detailed underground investigations. Until we have resolved this issue we cannot heat the pool water and the air within the Baywave facility. As a result the pool temperatures are slowing dropping and will continue to do so.

As of this morning (Wednesday 16 May) the pool temperatures were:


Current temp

Normal temp

Lap pool



Wave pool



Learners' pool



Toddlers' pool



Spa pool



You can click here to see the latest reported temperatures at Baywave (this is updated regularly for your convenience).

How does this affect our customers?

General public entry

  • The pools will remain open but will be cooler than normal.
  • The hydroslide will run during its normal operating hours.
  • Until such time as the temperatures are back to normal, we will be offering half price general entry and hydroslide.
  • Our scheduled Friday Fun Nights have been cancelled until temperatures are back to normal.

Aquatic Members and Squad Swimmers

  • You can continue swimming at Baywave in the lap pool or wave pool if you choose
  • The sauna and steam room will remain available for adult members' use.
  • You can also access our other aquatic facilities including Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Otumoetai Pools and Mount Hot Pools, using your Baywave membership card.
  • You can chose to suspend your membership by phoning Baywave on 577-8550 ext 0

Learn to Swim

  • All classes will be cancelled at Baywave from today until temperatures have returned to normal.
  • Monday to Friday morning classes will relocate to Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre at the same time with the same teacher.
  • Saturday and Sunday classes will also relocate to Greerton, same time with the same teacher.
  • We are endeavouring to try and rebook afternoon classes at Greerton as of next Monday. We will be making contact with our afternoon families as soon as we have this sorted.
  • If getting to Greerton is a challenge we will issue you a credit for lost swimming lessons. Please confirm if you would prefer to have your lost lesson/s credited by emailing

Schools in Pools

  • All classes will be cancelled at Baywave from today until temperatures are back to normal.


  • All classes will be cancelled at Baywave from today until temperatures are back to normal.
  • Classes are available at the Mount Hot Pools Monday 8.45am, Tuesday 10am, Wednesday/Thursday 9am, Friday 9.30am and Saturday 8.30am.
  • Classes are also available at the Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre Monday – Friday 9.15am and Tuesday 7pm.
  • If you are an upfront member and choose not to access classes at the other aquatic facilities, any “lost” days will be added to your membership, or if you are a direct debit member you membership will be suspended.
  • Please phone Baywave on 577-8550 ext 0 if you wish to suspend or extend your membership.

Clubfit Members

  • Clubfit gym will remain open and fully operational, with the downstairs sauna and steam room available for Clubfit member’s use.

Little Splashes Childcare

  • Our Childcare Centre at Baywave (Little Splashes) will remain open.

When will things be back to normal?

At this stage, we are still investigating the problem and it is too soon to say when the pools will be back at their normal temperatures. We will keep our customers informed as more information is gathered via emails, our website and our Baywave Facebook page.

Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to get this situation resolved. In the meantime, all other Bay Venues aquatic facilities remain open and are not affected (being Mount Hot Pools, Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre and Otumoetai Pool).

If you have any questions about the situation and its impact on you personally, then please direct them to our reception team in the first instance. 

Meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused our customers.


Baywave Staff and Management.