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Aquababes (3 to 36 months)

BaySwim Babies

Max students per class 9

Our Lessons

Aquababes is our specialised learn to swim programme for toddlers and babies.

We believe in a child-centred swimming philosophy. The children progress from skill to skill at their own pace when they are ready. We aim to promote safety skills, a love of swimming and a sense of confidence and independence for toddlers and babies.

All our infant teachers are highly trained and skilled in teaching infant aquatics. We recommend that you swim with your little one at least once more each week when possible.

FREE Lessons for Aquababes!

Thanks to McLeods 700 Tauranga babies will receive free swimming lessons in Quarter 3 of 2017 with BaySwim!

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Throughout the programme we aim to encourage the development of skills such as:

  • Developing kicking (gross motor skill)
  • Upper body strength and control (gross motor skill)
  • Balance and rocking (vestibular system)
  • Rolling and spinning (laterality, gross motor skills and balance)
  • Developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Language, understanding and imagination
  • Self esteem, confidence and belonging

Your First Lesson

We've made two helpful videos so whether you'll be swimming at Baywave or Greerton, you and your Aquababe can be prepared and confident on your first day.

Click here to find out what you can expect at your first swimming lesson.

A healthy water environment for babies and other pre-schoolers.

Keen for your baby to thrive in the water?

Thanks to the excellent water quality and qualified pool water technicians at Baywave, we can ensure a healthy environment in which your young ones can learn to swim.

All healthy pools require a trace element of chlorine to kill nasty bugs/bacteria, but with Baywave’s secondary Ultra Violet Light  treatment system, chlorine is kept to a minimum and chloroforms (which cause sore eyes/itchiness and odour) are also eliminated by this system .

The Baywave filtration system, combined with chlorine and ultra violet light, is a winning combination in the war against winter lurgies and makes it one of the healthiest pools in New Zealand. 

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