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Mount Hot Pools

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Tauranga Residents Card allows you to prove you're a local customer and gains you a discounted rate.Nestled under Mt Maunganui, the hot salt water pools are the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the views of the Mount. This facility has long been a favourite of locals and tourists alike!

For centuries, the ocean has healed and re-energised us...As far back as 500BC, Hippocrates recognised the benefits of warmed seawater for its ability to rebalance and detoxify our bodies.
Salt water bathing was believed to improve mobility by easing muscle and joint inflammation, and general aches and pains.

Today, those healing properties remain, and it's all right here beneath the majesty of Mauao, Mount Maunganui.
  • Feel the pool's massage jets release the tension from your neck and back
  • Rebalance your body and your soul with a little exercise in the activity pool
  • Laugh as your little ones splash and play on the slide in their own dedicated toddler pool
  • Relax in a private pool and enjoy a therapeutic soak in your own little world
  • Treat yourself to a massage with the specialist on-site team
The moment you enter the water at Mount Hot Pools feel the magic for yourself.

Close your eyes and relax as the warm ocean mists nourish your body and soul...



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Have a look at Soak'n Splash - fun in the water for you and your pre-schooler!

The Mount Hot Pools are a Tauranga City Council facility and TCC Local Resident Rates apply with Proof of ID e.g. a power bill or TCC rates invoice with your name & address on it.

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Mount Hot Pools features:

  • 2 outdoor spas (37.5 – 39.5)
  • 3 Private spas (38 – 39.5)
  • Toddlers pool with Slide (31 – 33)
  • Relax in the sit and soak pool with massage jets (37 – 39)
  • 22m activity pool (32 -34)
  • Onsite Massage Therapist
  • Disability Access including a Hoist and Water Wheel Chair

Endorsed Visitor Activity (3)(copy)

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Aqua Aerobics @ Mount Hot Pools

Mount Aqua Aerobics Class 300

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