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General Information

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Your First Lesson

To prepare you for your first lesson with BaySwim we have prepared a helpful video with hints and tips on how to make your first lesson a breeze. Click here to view the video.

Swimming Caps

Everyone with long hair is required to wear a swimming cap and it is recommended anyone aged three years and over also wears one. This is for pool hygiene and for swimmer comfort by keeping hair out of eyes and water out of ears.

We have great ranges of googles and swimwear available for purchase at the receptions of Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre and Mount Hot Pools. Take a look next time you're visiting one of these great venues!

Blue cards

When you arrive for your swimming lesson you will receive a blue card from reception which gives you access to the pool facility. Before your lesson you are required to give the blue card to your swimming instructor.

It's very important that they are given back to reception at the end of the lesson and don't accidentally find their way home with you. If they do please remember to bring it back next week so everyone will be able to have access to one.

Make Up Lessons

At any time during the quarter you are eligible to take a two week break free of charge from our programme – please just see reception for a suspension form in advance. As suspensions are at no cost we do not offer makeup lessons for the suspended sessions.

BaySwim offers one makeup session per participant, per swim school quarter, free of charge for unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury. Makeup lessons must occur within the same swim school quarter and can be booked two days in advance, subject to availability.

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