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QEYC - Wednesday Social Volleyball

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Social six a-side Volleyball with a few minor modified rules.  Games will run from 5.45pm to 9.05pm
  • Games last a maximum of 40min
  • Teams are mixed 6 a-side (1 female minimum on court at all times)
  • Teams may have unlimited substitutions, with a maximum of 10 players per team
  • A team can only have three contacts with the ball, no player can make contact with the ball twice in succession
  • The ball cannot be caught or carried over the net
  • Each play starts with a serve, the server steps behind the line at the back of the court - the foot may not touch or cross the line - if so - a change of possession occurs.
  • The server must make the ball go over the net, it does not matter if the ball touches the net on serve.
  • Positions are numbered, one through six, starting with the server in the back right corner. Then going in a counter-clockwise direction, the rest of the positions are numbered. The actual direction of the rotation is clockwise, however. After the server finishes, the other team gets the ball, and you get the ball back, everyone in the back row just shifts to the left whilst the front row shifts to the right one spot.
  • Rotation,  In volleyball there are three players in the front row and three in the back, and each player just rotates to the next position as the plays go along. Any time a player is in the back row, he or she cannot “attack” the ball in front of the 10-foot line on the court. Attacks are also known as “hits” or “spikes”—usually the third hit of a possession. This rule is in effect to make sure that the strong hitters aren’t always able to dominate the game. When the strong hitters are in the back row, they can still attack the ball on the third hit, but they cannot jump in front of the 10-foot line.
  • Scoring, teams score points whenever the other team messes up, and a point is awarded on every serve. Matches are played as the best out of three sets to 25 points. Teams must win by at least two points for sets to end. Points keep going until one team wins with a margin of victory of two points even if the score is greater than 25. In the event that the 40min maximum time is reached and the sets not completed, points will be added and the team with the most points will win the game. 
  • If the ball hits the line it is deemed to be in court.


The new league will start on Wednesday 3 May 2017


12 weeks


Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, corner of Devonport and 11 Ave, Tauranga




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If you have any questions please contact us on 07 577 8560 ext 6026 or email

Spaces Available: 8

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

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