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QEYC - Thursday Chameleon League

Chameleon league

Eight weeks, eight different sports - have a go at a different sport each week of the league and find your favourite.

Games will be played between 5.45pm - 9.00pm.

Upon completion each team entered will receive a $50 voucher for entry in to the league of their choice in the next round. 
  • Teams of between 7-9 people are recommended.
  • A minimum number of seven players per team is required to make up a side for Fastnet (a variation of netball).
  • Teams are made up of groups of friends, corporates, tertiary and high school students.
  • A full draw will be e-mailed to teams, this will also be available on this site along with the weekly results.
  • An umpire and all necessary match equipment will be provided for all games.
  • Teams do not require uniforms as bibs are also provided.

Sports Included

Fastnet – 7 a side netball with a twist. Teams can shoot from inside & outside the circle. Teams can also nominate a ‘Powerplay quarter’ where points count for double.

Netball – Six a side indoor Netball – 2 attack, 2 centres, and 2 defenders. A lot more room to move & showcase your skills, fast moving and constant game play.

Volleyball – Dig, set, and spike your way through the action packed game of volleyball. Constant rotations mean you are always involved in the action.

Dodgeball – Aovid being hit at all times, Dodgeball is all about being quick on your feet and accurate with your throws.

Turbo Touch – No holds barred, free flowing game. Three touches, no offsides, pass anywhere you like as you try to get the ball into the scoring zone. Bring your best flick passes to win this.

Ultimate Frisbee – All about getting the frisbee from your end of the court to the other. Dive passes and flicks are all part of the game, being able to leap and take the frisbee out of the sky is encouraged (not with your mouth though).

Floorball – Indoor hockey that promotes quick ball movement. Move and fire the ball past the goalie to secure your team the win.

Basketball – Opportunity to shoot the three, throw the lob, dribble behind your back, and live your NBA dream. Standard five a side rules apply.


The next league will start on Thursday 4 May 2017


8 weeks




To register your team in the next league please complete the online registration form below.


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If you have any questions please contact us on 07 577 8560 ext 6026 or email

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